The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter by Jeffrey Mishlove, was released by Hampton Roads Publishing Company in October 2000, with a foreword by John Mack, MD, professor of psychiatry at Harvard University.  The PK Man presents a story that seems unbelievable, even preposterous.  However, in the spirit of William James, we believe it deserves our careful attention. 

It is an exploration of a scientific mystery -- perhaps, "the very greatest parapsychological find in history."  The book documents the extreme, apparent paranormal ability of one human being (the late Ted Owens) to contact UFOs and to influence other large-scale events -- including volcanoes, hurricanes, lightning, and power blackouts.  Owens felt that he was the first human being since Moses to exhibit power on such a grand scale.  To purchase this book, click here or on the book cover.

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There are many illustrations and newspaper clippings available that support or add context to the remarkable claims made in The PK Man. While these are not included in the book itself, you may view many of them here at this website.  To see these illustrations click here.

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