Transcripts from Jeffrey Mishlove's Thinking Allowed television interviews
relating to the subject matter of The PK Man

Note:  While reading these transcripts you will be visiting the website of the Intuition Network

Consciousness and Hyperspace with Saul-Paul Sirag

The Mystery of Creation with Richard Grossinger, PhD

Consciousness and Quantum Reality with Nick Herbert, PhD

Science and Mysticism with Beverly Rubik, PhD

Physics and Consciousness with Fred Alan Wolf, PhD

UFO Abductions with James Harder, PhD

Abductions and the Western Paradigm with John Mack, MD

The Larger Context of Abductions with John Mack, MD

Aliens and Archetypes with Terence McKenna

The Future Human with Terence McKenna

Biological Psychokinesis with Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

ESP, Clairvoyance and Remote Perception with Russell Targ

Science and Spiritual Traditions with Charles Tart, PhD

Death and Enlightenment with Michael Grosso, PhD

The History of the Universe with Peter Russell

Time and Transformation with Peter Russell

Consciousness and Science with Willis Harman, PhD

The Mind-Body Problem with Julian Isaacs, PhD

Explanations of the Supernatural with Michael Scriven, PhD

The Great Chain of Being with Arthur M. Young

From Here to Alternity with John Lilly, MD

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