Transcribed by Joyce Rosenfield

Jeffrey Mishlove: Hello, and welcome! This is Jeffrey Mishlove, host of Virtual U. Our conversation today is going to focus in on one of the most fascinating adventures of my entire life. We're going to explore the subject of contacting Space Intelligence. And this is an adventure, and research project, in which I was engaged for over 10 years, between 1976 and 1987.

I was involved in the study of a most unusual individual, a man named Ted Owens, author of the book, How to Contact Space People, a very obscure book published by Saucerian Press in 1969.

How did I meet this man? And what were his powers? The story will unfold over the coming hours of this edition of Virtual U. It is a story about a most unusual man, a man larger than life, a man whose powers were of shamanistic proportions, although I regard him as something like an American folk hero, a Paul Bunyan or a Pecos Bill type!

I swear to you, everything that I am presenting in this program is true. You're going to hear things that are unbelievable, but they are true, and I have the documentation to prove it.

The story of Ted Owens would be interesting if it were just another "Oh, wow!" story. We could sit around the campfire and tell stories like this. But it has profound implications for our human potential. For our self-awareness.

The story begins in 1976 when I was a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, studying parapsychology. At that time I was very interested in "Remote Viewing", a clairvoyant procedure that was being developed at the Stanford Research Institute, now known as SRI International, by two physicists there, Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff, both of whom have become very prominent in the field of physics and in the field of parapsychology.

Back in 1976 I went to visit them and learn about Remote Viewing. It was at that time that they gave me their very extensive files on Ted Owens and encouraged me to follow his career, and to initiate a research project of my own into the remarkable work that he was doing then. And I did.

And let me tell you why I thought it was such an important case to follow. You see, Puthoff and Targ had achieved a lot of public prominence in the early 1970's for their research with the Israeli psychic Uri Geller. Uri Geller, many of you will know, had achieved a lot of fame and notoriety because he ostensibly had psychokinetic powers, mind over matter powers, and he was bending spoons and stopping watches. People would see him on television and they would discover sometimes that spoons would start bending in their own homes, and actually around the world, it was quite a phenomenon.

Hundreds of thousands of people began recording metal-bending, spoon-bending, simply from watching Uri Geller on television. And people were holding "spoon-bending parties"! And it even became a fad within the military. It was quite exciting.

I knew about these things. I was in on it because I had sponsored Uri Geller's first major public appearance back in 1973 on the University of California campus at Berkeley.

I was a graduate student at Berkeley and I was producing radio programs back then, and organizing events like this. So I was in the middle of all this excitement.

Puthoff and Targ, being serious scientists working at a major military-industrial think tank, had by that time, in 1976, had become burnt out with the publicity and the controversy surrounding Uri Geller. Hopefully, we'll spend another program and really go into depth about the Geller phenomenon, and perhaps we'll even have Uri Geller as a guest on this program. He's been an acquaintance of mine for over twenty-five years, and there are many interesting things that could be said about him.

But for now, simply let me say that Puthoff and Targ didn't feel that they could handle another controversial psychic.

So when Ted Owens contacted them and said, "Why are you guys wasting your time with Uri Geller? I'm the world's greatest psychic!" Well, they felt they simply didn't want to get involved. They ignored him.

His contacts, however, went on for some time, over a period of weeks, months, perhaps even years, and he kept writing to them and badgering them to send him money to work as a research subject.

One day, in February of 1976, Owen sent Puthoff and Targ a letter. His letter read, Look, you guys, just to prove to you that I am indeed the world's greatest psychic, I am going to end the drought that is now plaguing you in California. And indeed there was a very serious drought that was going on at that time. He said, I will make it rain and snow and sleet and hail. You will have all sorts of bizarre weather going on, and there will be power blackouts, and there will be UFO sightings. And your local newspaper is going to run a front-page story proclaiming that the drought is over.

Within three days all of these things happened.

I have the article that was published in the Palo Alto Times, the local newspaper down there near SRI, Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California. The article proclaims:

"Rare Snowfall Ends Drought". Of course many of you listeners now are all over the country, so you may not appreciate that snow in the San Francisco area is a very rare phenomenon -- maybe once every 15 or 20 years do we get snow.

So Puthoff and Targ were impressed. They sent a postcard to Ted Owens congratulating him on his successful prediction. He immediately sent a letter back to them and he said, in effect, "Hell, no! I caused it!"

It was at point, within a few weeks, I had visited SRI and was meeting with Puthoff and Targ, and it was then they said, "Jeffrey, please take this case off of our hands! We don't know what to do. We don't want to do anything, but somebody should look into it -- a promising young graduate student like yourself, who doesn't have a major career already on the line that could be ruined because of controversy and publicity!"

So I looked into the case. They gave me stacks and stacks, about six inches thick, of their files, including many, many letters that they had received from Ted Owens, documenting similar demonstrations.

It turned out at that time, there was a magazine published in San Francisco called Psychic Magazine. It later became New Realities and I think has subsequently gone out of business, but Psychic Magazine published a little news clip: Puthoff and Targ had talked to James Bolen, the Editor. His wife, Jean Shinoda Bolen, is the prominent Jungian therapist, the woman who wrote the books, "Goddesses in Every Woman", "Gods in Every Man". But James Bolen was the publisher of Psychic Magazine at that time.

He ran a little news story about this fellow, Ted Owens, who had successfully (apparently) ended the California drought. Psychic Magazine went around the world and it was read in England, because in 1976 there was a drought also going on in London, in England. It was so bad, in fact, that in some of the outlying towns, away from London, the only water available had to be brought in by truck!

The British, that summer, were hosting a Conference on Parapsychology. I was attending it. By "coincidence" they had invited Ted Owens to attend the same event, in the hope that he would also end the drought that was there. That drought was so bad that when I came to London, my friends told me, "Jeffrey, would you like to have your picture taken on the front page of the London Times. It's no problem. All you have to do is go down to Piccadilly Circus carrying an umbrella! People will think it's so strange, they'll take your picture and put it in the newspaper!"

There was just no rain at all. It was dry! But the day Ted Owens arrived in England, it began to rain and rain and rain, and there were power blackouts that also shut down the whole London subway-system, and within I think a matter of weeks, the London Times proclaimed that the drought was officially over, within a short time, although when I first arrived in London, the newspaper said "No End in Sight, for the Drought".

So I had now had two relatively convincing experiences that I could attest to, in which Owens in one way or another, seemed to be involved in suddenly and unexpectedly ending a drought.

I didn't know whether he had caused these phenomena, or had predicted these phenomena, or whether it was a coincidence, or whether perhaps it was simply a statistical fluke or maybe it wasn't even that! Maybe it was just happenstance, but my curiosity was aroused, and I made a point of meeting Ted Owens.

We actually became good friends. He was a Speaker at the London Parascience Conference held at Birkbeck College at the University of London -- a very prestigious scientific institution, and many physicists and well-known scientists and writers were at that event, when Ted Owens spoke.

He had a large white beard. He looked like Santa Claus, and he spoke in a very booming, articulate voice. He was a Member of MENSA, the organization of people with high IQ's. And yet there was something peculiar about this man.

He came into the auditorium carrying a toy wagon, and stacked in that toy wagon, about two feet high, were piles and piles of paper, and he claimed that he was the agent of the UFO's. He was their Ambassador, their Emissary, and he had come to Earth, or they had empowered him, by operating on his brain, and they had authorized him to perform miraculous feats to end the droughts, and to do wonderful things for people on Earth, in order to convince the people on Earth of his connection with the aliens and his powers!

And frankly, the audience laughed at him. They couldn't take him seriously. It just seemed too absurd, too ridiculous. That's when I stepped in, because I stood up and talked about what I had observed and known about in California. And I became his friend, and what followed from that friendship I will present after these messages.

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Jeffrey Mishlove: I'm Jeffrey Mishlove, host of Virtual U, back again, talking about my adventures with Ted Owens and the Space Intelligences. In our first Segment, I described how I met Ted Owens at the Parascience Conference in August, 1976, Birkbeck College, University of London, and how he had already by then, established a reputation for having extraordinary psychokinetic abilities.

He even called himself PK Man, meaning the Psychokinesis Man, the man who had powers of mind over matter. And he also called himself The UFO Prophet.

When he stood up at the Parascience Conference to speak, people thought of him as being a highly inappropriate individual, and I have to say, that stigma followed him throughout his career. People thought that the man was an egotist, that he was brash, and although he was brilliant, a member of MENSA, he really didn't have an advanced educational degree.

He was more working-class in his vocabulary, in his mentality, and he seemed very much out of place at a scientific gathering, talking in his booming voice about how he was the Ambassador of the Aliens! Polite society was simply not ready for that in 1976, and I doubt that they're ready for that yet!

Then when he carried his toy wagon stacked high with papers which he claimed documented his feats, well, the whole thing seemed almost like the man was psychotic. I think there were people in that audience who were willing to dismiss him as a nut case. And there were people in the audience who were willing to dismiss him simply as being an arrogant egotist. And there were people in the audience willing to dismiss it largely because they were incapable of integrating what he was saying.

That was the difficulty throughout his whole career.

I befriended him by standing up for him at that meeting and telling people what I personally was aware of with regard to ending the drought in February, 1975, at the San Francisco Bay Area. And I think the audience quieted down a little bit. They began to listen to him.

After that talk, Ted Owens came up to me. I was doing radio interviews at the time, and I actually interviewed him for my program on KPFA Radio in Berkeley. I had a tape-recorder with me then, and we became friends.

We were talking, and he noticed that I had a little ceramic pin that I wore on my jacket. It was given to me by my girl-friend back then, before I left for Europe. It was a picture of what I took to be the Planet Saturn, with a rainbow behind it. A lovely New Age kind of design, and Ted Owens looked at that and he said to me, "You know, that's the Rainbow UFO."

He said, "Do you know that every day I meditate on the Rainbow UFO." He said, "Jeffrey, I'd really love it if you would make a gift to me of that pin. It would mean so much to me."

Gosh, I thought, wait a minute! That's from my girl-friend! But there was Ted Owens, the UFO Prophet, asking for it, and I did. I took it off my jacket and gave it to him. My relationship with my girl-friend really didn't last too much longer, but that's the way of things, sometimes. Ted Owens and I became good friends.

He showed me his files, his toy wagon full of files, and I had some already at home that had been given to me by Puthoff and Targ at SRI International, and as I looked through the many, many documents illustrating instances where he'd produced a wide variety of phenomena, lightning-strikes and weather-changes, heat-waves and cold-waves and hurricane controls and tornado controls and UFO appearances, I found in the files a letter from Dr. Max Fogel, who was the Director of Education for MENSA, the organization of people with high IQ's, and that letter said that Ted Owens had, in 1973, promised Vogel that he would produce a UFO sighting within a certain radius, a 100-mile radius of Norfolk, Virginia, where Owens lived, in that area (he lived actually in Cape Charles, Virginia).

Fogel said, "Yes!" and a UFO appeared that was seen by Policemen, it was reported in the local newspaper in Chase City, Virginia, where the Policemen chased it, and there was an interesting coincidence. The Police Dispatcher who first reported the sighting was a woman named Marian Owen.

It seemed as if -- oftentimes, in these demonstrations -- there would be a person named "Owen" or "Owens" involved! That was another of the Space Intelligences, and it suggested that they had powers outside of our own dimension of Time and Space, that enabled them to create meaningful coincidences.

John Lilly, author of many books, Center of the Cyclone was one of his excellent books, Programming and Meta-programming the Human Biocomputer -- John Lilly, the great pioneer explorer of Consciousness, often called this kind of a force ECHO, meaning Earth Coincidence Control, some sort of Intelligence that operates outside the normal three dimensions of Space and Time that we experience.

So I asked Ted Owens if he would produce a similar demonstration for me in the San Francisco area where I lived. Could he make a UFO appear like that, and be seen visibly by reliable witnesses. He told me he would do that. He would make a UFO appear in front of many -- hundreds, he said -- of reliable witnesses. It'll be well-attested. It'll be photographed, he said, "You can count on the photograph being published on the front page of one of your local newspapers."

And the story of that demonstration will be presented next, after these messages.

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Jeffrey Mishlove: When I got back to San Francisco, I pursued the question with Owens, of his demonstration, and he set it up with me in November of 1976 as follows: he said, "I will cause a UFO to appear. It will happen within 90 days, it will happen within a 100-mile radius of San Francisco." In fact, he said, "I'll cause multiple UFO appearances, and one in particular will be seen by very reliable witnesses. The photograph will be published on the front page of the local newspaper, and that's how you'll know, it'll be my signature."

And other things happened as well. He said, "There will be power blackouts," (that's also one of his signatures).

In December. 1976, it occured pretty much on schedule, December 12th as I recall, in Sonoma State College, a small college campus about 50 miles north of San Francisco. The Art Department, on a clear December day, was sponsoring a live demonstration of an unusual art form -- aerial artwork. A pilot who is an artist was flying his aircraft over the campus, he had smoke trailing out the back of his plane, and he was creating loop-de-loops and other designs in the air.

And this was the demonstration hundreds of students were outside looking up at the sky. Some of them had video-cameras. (This was in the days before camcorders but they were recording it, and there were photographs being taken). Many faculty members were out there.

The pilot of this airplane was named Steve Poleskie, and he was a visiting Professor of Art from Syracuse University. He was visiting Berkeley, and he was performing.

I actually have the videotape of this event.

As he was doing his loop-de-loops about 3,000 feet above the Sonoma State College campus, a UFO appeared right in his airspace. He witnessed it from the air. He said it was about 15-20 feet wide, and it just came out of nowhere. It was right there in his airspace, and it stayed there a few minutes and suddenly disappeared.

It was seen from the ground, and it was photographed. The photograph was published on the front page of one of our local papers, The Berkeley Gazette. And the videotape was actually shown on the Channel 9 Evening News, KQED-TV in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ted Owens had scored pretty much a direct hit.

There were many other events that occurred during that demonstration. There was a UFO Abduction. There was an earthquake, there were power blackouts and other things. So I felt that I now had enough cause to really launch a serious investigation of Ted Owens. I was willing at that point to restructure my graduate program, my doctoral degree program in parapsychology at Berkeley away from the study of Remote Viewing, and make it a case study of Ted Owens!

Little did I know, in my naivete, the kind of opposition that would develop. But I called together a meeting of leading UFO and Parapsychology researchers. I put together a Report, documenting what I had done with Ted Owens, and documenting many other dozens of cases in the records.

And we had J. Allen Hynek attending that meeting, the Founder of The Center for UFO Studies in Evanston, Illinois. We had Dr. James Harder there, who is the Director of Research for the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization, one of the major UFO organizations at that time.

I had many leading parapsychologists there: D. Scott Rogo, the author of about 20 books on UFO phenomena and parapsychological phenomena attended the meeting. And I thought, with this impressive group of people and this data, that the time had come to launch a serious investigation, to make a major breakthrough in our understanding of the phenomena. And that with these powerful people there, something might be accomplished.

But the tenor of the meeting went in a very different direction. Dr. J. Allen Hynek stood up and said, "I wouldn't touch Ted Owens with a ten-foot pole! That man is exhibiting powers of the subconscious mind, there. They're erratic, they're crazy, they're even dangerous! I don't want to go near him!"

Another/And other researcher said, "He wants to get money from us, that's what this is all about! And furthermore, what if we don't agree with him about certain things. What if we don't comply with all of his wishes? What will he do?"

People were afraid of Ted Owens. And perhaps they had good reason to be afraid of Ted Owens. He was not always the most pleasant of people. He was like an American Folk-Hero, and if you looked at some of his documented demonstrations, many of them of the best ones, in fact, occurred when he would go into a city and announce that he was the "UFO Ambassador" who had come to help people.

And he'd go into a local newspaper and they'd sort of laugh at him, and say, "Come on! Get off of it!" and he'd say, "Oh, you don't believe me. Well, I guess I'll have to teach you a lesson." And sometimes very unpleasant things would happen. I'll go into some of those. But unpleasant weather conditions. Or sometimes even individuals would get ill.

Unpleasant things would happen to particular people who crossed horns with Ted Owens.

This was frightening to some of the researchers whom I had brought together, and the upshot of it all was that in spite of the enormous potential of this phenomenon, from a scientific point of view, nothing came of it.

I was really encouraged to put aside this project and get back to my other studies in Remote Viewing, and indeed I did do that. I wanted to finish my doctoral degree, so I put aside my studies of Ted Owens, at least I was unable to raise funds to do anything serious, and it's unfortunate, because he lived in a relatively impoverished condition in spite of his enormous talents.

But many, many things unfolded from our interactions, and I'll tell you about them after these messages.

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Jeffrey Mishlove: Hello, again! I"m Jeffrey Mishlove, host of Virtual U on WisdomRadio. I've been talking about my studies and investigations of a most unusual man, Ted Owens, the "PK Man", the "UFO Prophet", the man who taught me how to contact Space Intelligences. A man who was larger than life, somewhat like a Pecos Bill or a Paul Bunyan. I think of him as an American Folk-Hero whose talents had shamanistic qualities, of extraordinary proportions.

One of the researchers to whom I had introduced Ted Owens was D. Scott Rogo. Scott, who is actually a distant cousin of mine -- you see, my mother's maiden name was "Rogo", died in 1990, but this was 1976 and '77. He was the author of more than twenty books dealing with parapsychological phenomena. (By the time of his death, he had authored those books).

Of all the researchers whom I attempted to interest in the Owens case, he became the most interested. In fact, he and I co-authored a book, still unpublished, about the Ted Owens case!

Scott, who was probably in his lifetime, regarded as the single most knowledgeable person about the history of parapsychology and Psychical Research, told me that he thought that Ted Owens might just be the most powerful psychic in all of our history.

He [Rogo] was the author of Parapsychology: A Century of Inquiry, one of the best historical books written in the field. We're talking about some great psychics, when you go back to the nineteenth century, people like D. D. Home, or Eursapia Palladino. There are extraordinary things that have been reported in the history of this field, and I will from time to time, talk about them on this program, Virtual U.

But Ted Owens was in a class of his own, really. We're talking about earthquake control, hurricane control, volcanoes, tornadoes, the forces of Nature seemed to respond to his thoughts.

One of my friends, the Jungian scholar, Dr. James Driscoll, felt that Owens was in touch with the archetypal energies of the Greek god Poseidon, the god of the sea. The god whose thoughts were expressed in the elemental forces of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Owens himself saw it a little differently. If we look at his life history, he knew from childhood that he had some unusual experiences. When he went into the Military in World War II, he was in the Navy, and he describes for example, both in his childhood and again in the Navy, there were moments, like diving from the air from a diving-board into a swimming-pool, that he felt like he was suspended in mid-air for a while, and that people down below would see this, and marvel at it!

So while he was in the Navy and producing effects like this, from time to time, and having other experiences, he wrote to J. B. Rhine, who was at Duke University, who had established a Parapsychology Laboratory there, and would you believe it, J. B. Rhine invited Owens to come to Duke University and work for him as a Laboratory Assistant.

Rhine took an interest in Owens and his talents! And Owens did. He enrolled as an undergraduate student at Duke University, and he worked for J. B. Rhine, and he became very close to J. B. and his wife Louisa Rhine. At that time he learned about the scientific research that was being undertaken at Duke University in the field of extrasensory perception.

J. B. Rhine had established an international reputation for his work in card-guessing and for his work in psychokinesis, where he'd ask people to concentrate on dice: he had a machine that would throw dice, and ask people to make certain faces of these dice come face-up.

Owens, of course, was working in a wilder way, in a less disciplined way with these phenomena. He told me on one occasion, he was in the office, in the laboratory with Rhine and some of the research associates, and there was a scissors on the table, and he concentrated on that scissors, and it levitated a few feet above the table! I tried to verify that event by talking to Dr. Rhine and his wife.

Of course many decades later, nobody remembered it. But you know? They didn't really want to talk about Ted Owens either. I think they considered him an embarrassment. The Rhines had really, really struggled to make Parapsychology a respectable scientific discipline, and it was an uphill struggle because the Scientific Community wasn't ready to accept even statistical experimental, well-controlled proof of such a thing as extrasensory perception, and in psychokinesis, let alone to think of someone of the likes of Ted Owens!

It took until the mid-1960's, in fact 1969, before the American Association for the Advancement of Science granted recognition to the Parapsychological Association as an affiliate body, to even recognize that they were doing valid Science! And that was roughly about 40 years from the time that J. B. Rhine first initiated his research.

So his struggles just put Parapsychology on the map, [but] prevented him from really appreciating not just Ted Owens, but many of the more far-out, more extraordinary, bizarre, remarkable, strange phenomena in the parapsychological zoo, so to speak! But Ted Owens did get his training right there, with the "Father of Parapsychology", J. B. Rhine.

He got married when he was an undergraduate student, and left Duke University, and it was after that, that he really began focusing his energies on controlling the weather. He thought that he was in touch with the Powers of Nature when he observed that he could concentrate and cause clouds to move about, or cause lightning to strike, or cause storms to appear.

I'll tell you more about his remarkable story, after these messages.

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Jeffrey Mishlove: Welcome back to Virtual U. I'm your host, Jeffrey Mishlove, and I've been talking about my encounters with a man who taught me how to contact Space Intelligences. It's really quite a dramatic tale, and one that I rarely tell, because it is so bizarre. But there are many deep insights that I've gleaned from this story, and I'll be back at 6 and a half minutes after the hour, for another hour, in which I'll go into much more depth about not only the phenomena which I observed, but the metaphysical lessons associated with that.


Before we end this hour, I should say some things about Ted Owens. He was a bizarre person. One might say that he had strange personality quirks, that he was even frightening and unpredictable and unpleasant and egotistical, and sometimes paranoid, and perhaps even psychotic. But he had an extraordinary gift, not only the gift of producing miraculous phenomena, but there was a core to him that was very pure.

A core to him that was in touch with an extraordinarily powerful spiritual essence. I want to let you know that because I'll be talking about that more when I return from our break ....

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Jeffrey Mishlove: Welcome back to Virtual U. I'm your host, Jeffrey Mishlove, and this is our second hour of exploring the phenomenon of Space Intelligences. Well, I haven't really gotten into Space Intelligences too much yet! What I've actually been talking about is my encounter with the "Ambassador of the Space Intelligences", Ted Owens, a man I studied from 1976, when I first met him, until his death in 1987.

During that eleven-year period, he produced about 200 documented demonstrations of unusual phenomena, which he attributed to the Space Intelligences with which he claimed to be in telepathic contact.

Let me say a few more things about Ted. We were describing, before the break, how he had studied at Duke University in the 1940's -- around 1947. He actually was Research Assistant to Professor J. B. Rhine in the Parapsychology Laboratory there. He had left Duke University with his wife, travelling around the country, working at various odd jobs.

Notice that he seemed to have an ability to control the weather with his thoughts! If he wanted to make a storm come up, he'd think about it, he'd visualize a storm and it would happen. This seemed to happen over and over again. It got to the point where at one time, he even contacted the C.I.A. and offered to demonstrate it to them. In fact, throughout his career, he made a real effort to interest the United States Government in working with what he believed were his unusual powers.

I think the United States Government probably has extensive files on him, because he was constantly bombarding them with information. But they were really ill-equipped to deal with a person like him, and as far as I can tell, while they kept files on him, and maybe had people watching him from time to time, nothing ever came of those contacts.

At some point, Ted shifted in his viewpoint. He originally thought it was "Nature": he was in touch with Nature. And because it was his link with Nature itself, he was able to produce these phenomena. And on one occasion, he actually saw a UFO while he was producing the phenomenon.

There was a big UFO flap across the United States, back in the 1960's and it dawned on him then that it wasn't just "Nature", that he was in touch with some phenomenon in space and time as we normally think of it, the phenomenon he began to the S.I.'s or the Space Intelligences.

He began to receive what he described as telepathic messages from the Space Intelligences. You might think that he had gone totally off his rocker at this point, but he believed that he had had a whole series of unusual experiences that made him believe that he had been abducted and had actually had surgery performed on his brain, that enhanced his natural telepathic abilities and allowed this to occur.

Truly, as a psychotherapist, I can tell you that these kinds of stories are indicative of paranoid psychosis or schizophrenic psychosis. These are the stories of a schizophrenic, of a psychotic person, of an insane person, of a crazy person. It's no surprise to me that people treated Ted Owens this way.

I think perhaps what is unusual about me is that I was willing to say, "All right, Mister, what is your evidence?" And if you listened to the first hour of this program, you know already that Ted Owens produced a great deal of evidence for me. In fact, I have in my files, hundreds of cases of weather-control and UFO appearances and poltergeist types of phenomena that were associated with his demonstrations. Typically, what he would do to produce a demonstration is put in writing, to scientists or journalists, or other responsible members of Society, what he planned to do, usually something very unusual or bizarre -- a heat wave, a cold wave, a UFO appearance, and then he would forward newspaper clippings of these events, because they were so dramatic, they were reported in the newspapers.

I have these in my files along with the original envelopes and postmarks and letters documenting the precise dates in which his predictions were made. He'd send them to multiple groups of scientists to make sure they were well documented, and many of these scientists, who really wanted little to do with Ted Owens, were happy to forward to me all of their documentation about the man.

Well, he came to see himself as the agent of the Space Intelligences as their representative on Earth. Then he began to tell me as I questioned him about the course of his life, he began to tell me some very interesting things.

He told me, for example, that he believed that the Space Intelligences had been watching him throughout the course of his life, and he pointed out to me that he had held many different occupations. He had been a knife-thrower in a circus act and a bullwhip artist in a circus act. And he had been a high-speed typist, and he had been a jazz musician, a drummer. He had worked at a railroad as what he called an "idea man".

He had been in the Navy. He had been a Parapsychology Assistant to J. B. Rhine at Duke University. He had worked in a law office. Owens believed that all of these strange careers were somehow guided or arranged for him by the Space Intelligences, and they had a purpose.

The purpose was to help him develop a Mind that was so flexible that it was capable of developing very complex symbols from many different occupations, and professions, so that he could use those symbols in his telepathic contact with them.

He also told me that these Space Intelligences had tried throughout history to try to establish such contact with many human beings from time to time. He said Moses was such a person. And often he compared himself to Moses.

I think when one considers the accounts of Moses, in the Book of Exodus, and the miracles that were produced in Egypt at that time, ostensibly (I have no idea whether any of that really happened -- there's no archeological or other evidence to support that any of that story is true; I consider it very likely a story of mythological dimensions more than actual, but people will differ on these things) and in any case one can see the parallels.

Owens, with his abilities to end droughts, with his abilities to cause UFO appearances and many, many other things, seemed to have powers parallel to those of Moses.

On one occasion, parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo and I observed for a month or more, Owens's ability to manipulate the movements of a hurricane in the Caribbean, off the coast of Florida. Day by day, he was doing this. One direction, then another direction, and reporting to us in advance what was going on, all of this is well documented. And today there are still hundreds of people who have witnessed these demonstrations of Ted Owens.

I have been in touch with many of them, and I have their affidavits on record. For example -- and this is a Moses-like phenomenon -- I have the affidavit of Attorney Sidney Margulies in the Philadelphia area, who was working in a law office where Ted Owens was employed, back in the late 1960's (about 1967), when Owens was bragging to him, as they were standing in the stairwell of this office building, that he could control the weather.

Margulies said to him, "Well, if you're so good, why don't you make lightning strike right there," the Camden Bridge, and Owen pointed his finger. (It was a cloudy day but not lightning), and within a minute a bolt of lightning came out of the sky -- the only bolt of lightning in the sky at that time, and struck that Bridge, right where Owens was pointing.

And that Attorney, Sidney Margulies, wrote an affidavit attesting to his witnessing that fact, and I have spoken to him. I have other Affidavits of exactly that phenomenon -- Owens's ability to point his finger and concentrate, and cause lightning to strike. That's an unusual phenomenon, and we know scientifically speaking, that the odds of predicting when lightning is going to strike are less than one in a million.

That event alone is highly significant for me, from a scientific point of view.

Owens tried, throughout his career, to encourage the United States Government to work with him. He felt that our world was in great danger, that we were on the brink of a nuclear war. Back then, in the sixties and seventies, many, many intelligent people were in agreement about the dangers that the world was in. I think that these days, it seems like somewhat of a less dangerous place than it did, back then, because of the Cold War and hostilities between the communist world and the capitalist world, that were going on at that time.

He believed that his intervention, or the intervention of the UFO's, was required, literally, to save the world. But he was laughed at, and when he was laughed at, as I mentioned before, he sometimes produced demonstrations that were unpleasant in nature.

In one instance, he came to San Francisco in the summer of '77 and he announced that he was here to end the drought. We were having another drought then, and he walked into the offices of the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, in order to make his public proclamation that he, the UFO Prophet, had come to end the drought.

The guard in the lobby literally kicked him right out the door! So he said he would have to teach the people of California a lesson, and instead of ending the drought, he would cause forest fires. He said forest fires would be caused by lightning, his trademark.

I was a witness to this. Within weeks, 300,000 acres in California had burned. A thousand fires had been started by lightning. It was one of the worst devastations. It affected not only California but the Western States as well. I was horrified, I was aghast. I guess I have/had a little more distance from the phenomenon then.

I went to the Examiner myself, to report what I had documented, because Owens had sent me in writing his prediction that he would cause these fires and then they had occurred. I met with a reporter who was a close friend of an associate of mine. We met at a restaurant for dinner and I began to explain to him the whole sequence of events and he got so indignant that I was telling him this preposterous tale, that he got up and walked out of the dinner-table, and I have never seen that reporter, whose name was Sandy Zane, since that time, well over twenty years ago!

That was the problem, of getting people to take this phenomenon seriously. I'll be back again after these messages.


Jeffrey Mishlove: Hello again, I'm Jeffrey Mishlove, host of Virtual U, and I've been talking about my eleven-year research with the UFO Prophet, the "PK Man", Ted Owens.

I guess I've been tantalizing you, the audience members, by telling you that what this program is about is contacting Space Intelligences. Ted Owens wrote the book, How to Contact Space People. It was published by Saucerian Press in 1969 in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

That book is a rare, out-of-print classic now, and for the rest of this program, I'm about to talk about that process of contacting Space Intelligences. I'm really giving you a lot of background about Ted Owens because I think it's important that people understand the range and the depth of the phenomena that we're discussing. It's the kind of phenomena that might be called, in the classic Greek sense, daimonic.

You might think, from the Christian theological perspective, it's demonic, and many Christian theologians think that UFO phenomena are the work of the devil! But in the Greek sense of the term, a daimon was a spirit that had both positive and negative qualities.

That seems to be more an appropriate way to classify the Owens phenomena, and the Space Intelligences with which he worked. He had a training program, himself. He had students. I interviewed a number of these students.

One was named Jade Swan, and she had a cousin or sister-in-law named Janice Leslie. I've lost touch with both of these women, and I'm mentioning their names now because it's been well over a decade since I interviewed either of them, but perhaps they'll hear this program, or somebody who knows them will hear this program and urge them to get in touch with me, through WisdomRadio or through the Virtual U program or through my website, (That's my name).

They took his program and they were interested in using it the way he used it. They were interested in going out into the woods late at night and making lights appear in the sky. They described the many different kinds of lights. There were some that would zip across the sky. and they called them the zippers.

Then there were other lights that would hover, right above the tree-tops, and they went on many adventures like this, after being trained by Ted Owens to do this kind of work. I also took the Ted Owens Training Program, and I'm going to describe it as we move on through the hour here.

I've also interviewed other people who have as well. Ted Owens told people that this kind of a contact with an other-dimensional Intelligence could be used in many different ways. If you had his makeup, his personality, his stamina, you might want to go out and cause UFO sightings or poltergeist types of appearances.

But other people use the same kind of training purpose for healing. When Ted Owens asked me, when I finally took his training in January of 1986, about a year before his death, he asked me, "Jeffrey, what would you like to do? What is your purpose? What is your intention in going through this Training Program to contact Space Intelligences?"

And I thought about it. I said, "Ted, what I really want to do with my life is to become an effective communicator to the public at large about the realities of the Spirit, about the realities of Parapsychology and Consciousness."

I was at a low point in my life, because even though I had a doctoral degree in Parapsychology, even though I'd been on the radio, going back to the 1970's, I had been slandered and libeled. Because after I received my doctoral degree, I had become a target for the skeptics. It was intolerable to them that a person like me, a public figure, would have the visibility and the public credibility to talk about the kinds of phenomena that I was researching and experiencing, and they had launched a big effort to actually get the University of California to revoke my doctoral degree in Parapsychology.

Which, incidentally, is the only doctoral degree in Parapsychology ever awarded by an accredited American University. It was a landmark of sorts, and it remains so today, twenty years later.

When they were unsuccessful in getting that degree revoked, an article about me was published, arranged by the skeptics, it was published in Psychology Today, which then had a circulation of nearly a million readers, claiming that I probably really didn't get the degree, and if I did get it, I certainly didn't deserve it because I was nothing but a bad person, all the way around. And I felt mortified, and I withdrew from the field, and I did other things.

I got my training in psychotherapy. I got business experience. I studied computers and computer programming. Anything but being in public in the fields that I loved. Of consciousness, of spirituality, of parapsychology.

But I asked Ted Owens then for that gift, that I be out there in the world, that I could be an effective communicator once again, for the realities that I knew so deeply.

I can tell you this. Within a few months of taking that training, I launched my Thinking Allowed television series. 1986. It was launched in May.

We have now been producing programs every week since then, continuously, and we've been out on the Satellite all over North America every week since then. The TV program is carried by Wisdom Television, and it's carried by Public Television Stations throughout the United States and Canada.

So I got my wish. And I have to say, that connection with the Space Intelligences was very positive and wholesome for me. And now, dear listeners, if you could contact Space Intelligences with such powers, what would you wish for?

What would be your mission, your purpose? What would you like to fulfill?

I"ll be back.


Jeffrey Mishlove: Welcome back to Virtual U. I'm your host, Jeffrey Mishlove. And I've been talking today about contacting Space Intelligences. My experience in this realm is multifold. It has to do with eleven years of personal relationship in a research project with the UFO Prophet and PK Man, Ted Owens, an individual who died in relative obscurity in 1987, but during the time that I knew him, he produced hundreds of what would have to be called "miraculous events".

Healings, weather-control demonstrations, demonstrations of UFO appearances, training other people to produce such unusual phenomena.

During that time I also had a long-standing interest in UFO's. I had a long-standing interest in Parapsychology, and a long-standing interest in Spirituality, Mysticism, and Consciousness, and a long-standing interest in an important question relating to Space Intelligences, and that is, the mathematics of higher dimensions of space.

We talk about the Spirit Worlds. We talk about aliens coming from other dimensions of Space and Time. We have dream worlds. We have the worlds of Shamanism. We have the worlds of Mythology, the worlds of the gods and the goddesses, and many, many other mythological creatures.

I postulate that if there is any reality at all to these ideas of other worlds -- of spirit worlds, and dream worlds, and a life after death -- if these things exist, they have to exist somewhere. Since they apparently don't exist in the three-dimensional space that we observe through our normal senses, perhaps there is another space where they exist.

Perhaps other dimensions of space beside the three dimensions that we normally experience with our senses, and indeed, mathematicians have for a long time known that it's no problem to mathematically postulate other dimensions of space.

For probably over a century now, mathematicians have asked questions like this: If there were four dimensions of space or five dimensions of space, what would it be like geometrically, topologically? If you had a sphere, and you wanted to pile up a bunch of spheres, how would they pile up, in higher dimensions of space?

You know, you can take a quarter and set it down on a table, and you can pack six quarters, and they all fit around the one quarter. That's on one dimension, a single plane -- actually, two dimensions. A plane is two dimensions.

In three dimensions you can take a sphere and pack other spheres around a sphere, like a pile of cannonballs.

In higher dimensions of space, each time you get more and more of these higher-dimensional objects you can pack against each other. So mathematicians have studied this for a long time. There are even people who've been gifted with the ability to visualize what higher dimensions of space are like! They've been studied by mathematicians.

But now we live in an era in which physics itself -- :"Mainstream Physics" -- considers higher dimensions of Physics to be not only routine but even necessary. Probably today the leading theory in mainstream physics is known as superstring theory, and it is the theory that unifies Einstein's relativity. His General Relativity. His theory of cosmology, that deals with the force of gravity. That deals with the size and age of the universe as a whole, the physical universe as we know it.

With quantum theory. Quantum theory is a very powerful Theory developed in the earlier part of the Twentieth Century that accounts for all of the properties of subatomic particles. So when you can unify general relativity with quantum theory, you're unifying the very, very large with the very, very small.

Physicists today are hopeful that superstring theory will be something akin to a "final Theory", a theory of everything that is known in physics.

The unusual thing about superstring theory -- it seems to be working quite well, there are now thousands of physicists engaged in the project of building and refining all of the nuances of superstring theory. But that is a theory that does indeed entail higher dimensions of space, to be precise 9 dimensions of space, one dimension of time, so it's a ten-dimensional theory.

When you get into more of the fine points of superstring theory, you see that the 10 dimensions unfold into maybe 24 and 36 and up and up and up to virtually infinite numbers of dimensions in space!

The thought is, that the universe first expanded, at the moment of creation, from the big bang, that the three dimensions that we experience with our senses, expanded, but the other 9 dimensions of space remained as small as they were at the time of the big bang, a kind of infinitesimally small point of Space.

So we don't experience those dimensions. Our bodies, you might say, are too big, but they're there in/And our minds, perhaps, do experience those dimensions. Perhaps we experience them in dreaming. Perhaps after we die, after we separate from our bodies, perhaps we can exist in those dimensions, because even though they're tiny, tiny, infinitesimally tiny, size may not matter.

We might exist and be no larger than a subatomic particle or a quark ourselves, moving and vibrating through these 10 dimensions and other dimensions. Size may have a totally different meaning for us.

So what I think about these "higher dimensions of space", I have a mathematical, scientific appreciation for the fact that they're not absurd, and that they very well may relate to what we may think of as alien encounters and mythological encounters, and life after death, and dreams.

I'll be back with more after these messages.

[Segment 8 Follows]

Jeffrey Mishlove: Welcome back to Virtual U, I'm Jeffrey Mishlove. We've been talking about Space Intelligence[s], and now I'd like to share with you one of the exercises for contacting Space Intelligences that was taught to me by Ted Owens.

I'd like you to begin by thinking for yourself what you really want most for your life. What would be the most meaningful, the most rewarding experience that you could have, an experience that would fulfill your soul?

Think of that. And also think about what you would like to contribute to this world. And hold those thoughts in your mind.

Let me ask you now to close your eyes, if you would, if you feel comfortable doing that. And visualize yourself moving through space, travelling to a very distant part of the universe, beyond out solar system, beyond our galaxy. Beyond the cluster of galaxies of which our Milky Way galaxy is a part.

Moving out farther and farther into the very depths of the Universe itself. As you get farther and farther, you'll notice that there is a massive superstructure, the great attractor, the great wall of galaxies -- a huge structure, as if the galaxies themselves are the membranes of a giant cell, and that the universe is a living organism.

We can move even further, so that our local cell in the universe becomes smaller and smaller and fades away, and we're experiencing the wholeness and the wonder and the radiance of the universe as a whole, coming to a place of great beauty.

A place where the sky is turquoise-blue and there are pink clouds and yellow clouds in the sky, a place of great comfort and pleasantness.

And imagine if you will, a glass sphere. A crystalline clear sphere suspended in this brilliant blue and pink sky. And allow yourself as you float through space, floating through the universe, to just enter into that sphere in your imagination.

Entering into that sphere, you shed the gross part of your nature, and you become like a spirit being yourself, freed -- although you're not even in a physical body -- but freed from any heaviness, freed from a sense of emotional attachment, the pure essence within you, there in that sphere.

And there you'll find a place where you can settle -- a chair, a place where you can sit. And you'll see a similar place across from you, and a being is there, a being of great beauty and wisdom. Perhaps an older man or an older woman or an androgynous being. An ancient being.

And as you look at the face of that ancient being, you see many things. You may be frightened but above all you feel great peace, and bliss and knowledge, letting go of fear. And just communing with that being, that being from beyond space and time as we think of it.

Not a word is said, but knowledge and wisdom is shared. You feel a sense growing within you of connection with your life's purpose. A connection with your destiny. A connection with the inner resources that will enable you to function in a way that is more in tune with your own deepest nature, more in tune with your own spiritual essence, more in tune with God, in the finest way that you understand God to be.

More in tune with nature. More in tune with the life force within you. Harmonizing your vibrations, resynchronizing your energies. Clarifying your thoughts and your vision.

And allow yourself to enjoy this communion, to enjoy this connection, to feel it flowing within your being [pause] knowing that even as you experience this crystalline place, and the farther reaches of the universe, you're also listening to WisdomRadio! In a body on Planet Earth.

And now gradually, gently, allowing yourself to return to that body, bringing with you all the memories of that encounter, bringing with you the knowledge of the communion that you experienced, bringing with you the sense connection, knowing that you can re-establish this contact with this great, wise, ancient one.

Opening your eyes, returning to your room, looking about, knowing that you're listening to Virtual U on WisdomRadio.

And I am your host, Jeffrey Mishlove, it's been a pleasure sharing this two-hour program with you, exploring Space Intelligence. Exploring, really, human potential and its possibilities! And I shall return again after these messages.

[Below is Segment 8-Coda to the end of this Program]

Jeffrey Mishlove: The music that you're listening to for Virtual U was composed by Gary Takesian, and produced for Virtual U by Lars Spivock. ....

We've had two hours together exploring the many dimensions and wonders of contact with Space Intelligence, from the spiritual to the shamanistic to the UFO dimensions and the life of Ted Owens, something like a Pecos Bill or a Paul Bunyan -- a larger-than-life folk character who I had the great privilege for eleven years before his death in l987.

Thank you so much for being with me in this Program, allowing me to share one of the deepest nuggets of gold of my life. I wish you well. Goodnight.

[End Quality Program]

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