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The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter
By Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD

        Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove's The PK Man is a courageous commentary on the mysterious power of consciousness. This story of a man with extraordinary abilities is bound to elicit controversy and challenge the limits of the human mind.

        Judith Orloff, MD
       Author, Second Sight
        Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA

        Jeffrey Mishlove has written an in-depth study of Ted Owens' remarkable psychic track record. During the 1970s he predicted various terrestrial happenings ranging from the weather to natural catastrophes and sporting events. The fact that Owens claimed that his special abilities came from his interaction with UFO aliens and that he could actually alter the future is not as crazy as it may sound. Few cases could provide more evidence of extraordinary paranormal activity than that of Ted Owen, PK Man and UFO Prophet. Jeffrey Mishlove was indeed cautious in citing the endless string of Owens' psychokinetic hits. The data speak for themselves. The materialist belief system of Western science is in great trouble when we look at sworn statements about the accuracy of his predicting, and maybe even creating, lightning strikes, hurricanes, unseasonal snowstorms and football game outcomes.
        Thanks to Mishlove's study, I have begun to ponder the sobering aspects of mind-over-matter. The Ted Owens story then becomes the very archetype of exploring both the positive and negative aspects of our destiny. It will hopefully become a wake-up call towards a new morality that could ensure a sustainable future for all of us traveling on spaceship Earth on the threshold of relating with our greater purpose.

        Brian O'Leary, PhD
        Former astronaut and author of The Second Coming of Science

        The extraordinary powers of Mr. Ted Owens to influence material phenomena such as willing the location and timing of lightning strikes, the ability to influence weather, and the ability to influence the outcome of athletic competitions, is far beyond the lesser powers attributed to other individuals. I am sure that particular instances of Mr. Owens' demonstrations can be successfully challenged by skeptics, but also believe that the entire story would survive such a challenge.
        In my own experience, and in that of other investigators, the Ted Owens case is not an isolated case. It is only the most extraordinary modern case out of many others.
        Thus I heartily defend Dr. Mishlove in his giving serious attention to this most remarkable case and hope that serious investigators will follow his example in looking further into such remarkable phenomena. Where we find the maximum strangeness we also may find the maximum chance of finding new truths.

        James Harder, PhD, Professor of Hydraulic Engineering, U.C., Berkeley
       Former Research Director, Aerial Phenomena Research Organization

        Ted Owens was one of the most outrageous characters ever to emerge in modern ufology. Calling himself "PK Man" he claimed to control the weather and other large-scale events with the aid of Space Intelligences. Ted specialized in calling lightning strikes and -- to confound the skeptics -- he passed test after test in which lightning DID strike where he said it would. Something very provocative -- even disturbing -- was happening here. The profound implications are expertly explored by Jeffrey Mishlove, who challenges us to expand our minds into new realms of science. It's a fascinating read.

       Alan Vaughan, PhD
       Author of Incredible Coincidence

        This is a masterful presentation of a most peculiar story. Ted Owens is one of those people you meet, a few times in a life, who become associated with extraordinary phenomena nobody ever seems to be able to fully explain. In another place, at another time, men like him were considered shamans, magicians, or mages. But in the Twentieth Century West, he lived in a cultural and scientific limbo, that is well portrayed here, and the tension this produced makes the events even more dramatic. Owens' flaws, and they were prominent, add a final dimension to this almost fictional life.

       Stephan Schwartz
        Author, The Secret Vaults of Time and The Alexandria Project

        Owens seemed to be possessed by archetypes that, while part of the human psyche, are not specifically human -- primitive, natural earth, sea, and atmospheric archetypes. The gods, particularly the Greek gods, map the archetypes, for people make their dominant archetypes into gods. The Greek god closest to Owens is Poseidon, the rough, elemental brother of Zeus, who governed storms, earthquakes and volcanoes. When Poseidon got angry the sea would rage and the earth would shake. By some unaccountable synchronicity the same thing happened with Owens; his stormy psyche had an uncanny resonance with the most primitive forces of nature. Owens became a kind of an outcast who embodied the American archetype of the villain-hero renegade memorialized in countless movies. He was Jesse James, Clyde Barrow, and Dillinger using weather disturbances instead of guns. What was the real Ted Owens? That is a mystery perhaps as deep as the mystery of the human psyche itself. The PK Man explores both mysteries.

        James P. Driscoll, PhD
       Author, The Unfolding God of Jung and Milton

        Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove has written a provocative and spellbinding book about one of the most powerful, complex and extraordinary psychics of our time. Mishlove has always been on the leading edge of frontier science and he provides an engaging blend of intellectual integrity, scholarship and open-mindedness in challenging our belief about the perennial puzzle of untapped human potential.

       Lee Pulos, PhD
        Author, Miracles and Other Realities

        I think Ted Owens was a most remarkable man, and although I'm damned if I know whether he was really in touch with "space intelligences," I think there seems to be no reasonable doubt that he had an astonishing capacity for causing changes in the weather...

        Colin Wilson
       Author, The Outsider, The Occult, Mysteries and many other books

        You've done a splendid job in compiling the material on Ted Owens. It is a tragedy, as you put it better than I, that there are such people on this earth and yet all too few take an interest in their talents or risk studying them.

        Berthold Eric Schwarz, MD
        Author, Parent Child Telepathy

        I applaud Dr. Mishlove for having the courage to come forward and publish the results of his studies of the late Ted Owens. Hopefully the lessons that we can learn from an examination of Ted Owens life will allow us to move beyond the "is it real" phase of our understanding of consciousness into the much more rewarding phase of applying the optimal levels of consciousness to the task of solving real problems. Shamans invoke spirit beings from invisible realms of reality to effectively improve the quality of life in their communities. Shamans tend to view this interaction as benevolent, desirable and part of the scheme of things. Skeptics either dismiss this all together or become extremely hostile about the notion that we are not alone. Hostility is rooted in fear and overcoming fear is the function of initiation. Every ritual initiation has a segment that challenges the courage of the initiate. Understanding the life of Ted Owens could be just such a challenge.

        David G. Wilson
        Author, Ifa and the Theology of Orisa Divination

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The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter