Space Intelligence Master Interface by Andy Eastman


This appendix can aid discovery of creatures called Space Intelligence Masters (SIMs) who live in dimensions of pure intelligence. People who contact SIMs and SIM helpers are greatly successful.


The best tool for interface with SIMs, SIM helpers and other Nature entities, was and is Love. Love is a great Asset to create Soul channels that carry thoughts. Love also maintains Healthy attitudes and intentions in Life.

Personal SIM Traits

Sims experience emotions but most of their expressions are healthy mental activities guided by Love, Compassion and other constituents of Healthy-Will. They are usually very benevolent towards other creatures. Their advanced, and almost patiently-endless goodwill, suggests a major characteristic of highly-evolved creatures is demonstration of Beneficence to others.

Basic SIM Talents

Space Intelligence Masters have many talents that intelligently manifest in Life.

Miracles created by Sims are made by the Law in Life that states : "Energy Follows Thought" or "Dreams Become Reality". Sims access experiences collected by vast arrays of senses throughout Creation. They easily scan through mental representations of events in time-past. As mental Law Makers in Creation, Sims alter the space- time-continuum that form various dimensions and energy- fields.

Basic SIM Appearance

SIMs, in their natural state, have no physical form. People describe SIMs, through telesthesia and other intuitive senses, as Entities with bodies like electrically-charged water or air, in mental energy-fields. When a SIM visits, their presence can be powerful because of intense energy forces.

Weather Alteration

SIMs change various conditions of weather phenomena, such as temperatures, humidities, pressures, speeds and directions, of atmospheric systems and ocean currents, and also space radiation bombardment. These can result in extremes of droughts and hurricanes, to more moderate thunderstorms and dry spells. SIM Weather- affecting talents are among the most valuable treasures in perspective of physical life on Earth.

Master Plans

Since Intelligent Master Plans are real, SIMs may expose details of planned time-future to people. This allows a chance for prophetic knowledge.

Psychic Defense Mirror-Shields

SIMs are formidable enemies when provoked. However their defenses are not usually negative emotions or violent actions. But sometimes they are mental reflections of ill-will, or unhealthy attacks, back at offenders.

Mental-mirror defenses can be so effective, lethal and durable, that enemies are kept at bay for remedial long periods, while attacks on SIMs and SIM projects can be reconsidered, and intentions for future behavior improved.

SIM Time Windows

SIMs view time differently than people do. What people experience in great detail over years, may be seen, before mental eyes of Sims, to be just a matter of minutes or seconds. SIM attentions are not weighted-down with precise physical awareness, and worldly concerns, as experienced and enjoyed by most humans. From vantage points in mental time, Sims can view the Intelligence that guides trends, even in worlds of physical- consciousness, with great accuracy. They may therefore delay interactions with people, until proper times for certain events to occur.

Contact time with SIMs is experienced more quickly than usual. Hours can pass like minutes, perhaps because of enjoyable thoughts and sensations present.

SIM Contact Requirements

When SIMs meet people, success of contacts is primarily dependent upon 1) inner stabilities and 2) mental/neurologic capacities and capabilities of the people. Sim-contact attributes are accumulated over long periods. They are results of lessons-learned and experiences- encountered, in both conscious and subconscious mental domains.

Healthy Tolerances

Exposures to SIMs, and life-forms SIMs associate with, are most comfortably taken with patience and tolerance, since reactions to the unusual may be present. SIM contacts can be stressful. Amnesia and loss of brain-logic, are sometimes induced by emotional distress, in addition to powerful Sim telepathic energies. Emotional impairments can be prevented, curtailed or reduced through self-suggestion, meditation, hypnosis and other forms of inner emotional management.

Courtesies Of Conduct

Life gives people privileges to meet creatures unlike humans. When with Nature's non-human Family members, like SIMs, respect and pleasant caution can improve meetings for all concerned.

Here on Earth there are dolphins, whales, elephants, great apes and other intelligent creatures with significant understanding, who share the same aspects to emotional, mental and spiritual life as people do. SIMs show that life rewards the practice of mercy and family-understanding, with all creatures.

Healthy Mind And Brain

A feature, predominant among peoples with greater incidence of peripheral and direct SIM contacts, is the talent to memorize lengthy accounts of events or family trees. The brain is like a muscle. Telepathy, radiated by SIMs, is like weight for exercise or a load to carry. Plenty of memory exercise, combined with a diet of nutritious vegetarian food, moderate levels of physical exercise, some worthwhile service of benefit to others, and abstention from dangerous drugs, can also greatly improve SIM contact.

Pictures In The Sky

SIMs of the outer space variety are usually present around a planet. To contact these Sims by visual images : 1) Go outside on a clear night, 2) Point a hand up at the sky, and 3) Paint on the sky, with the mind's eye, a picture of desired items or events.

SIMs make and change weather and other nature phenomena. Use of the technique to paint a picture of a thunderstorm, that bristles with lightning and deluges a landscape with torrents of rain, on the night sky, can draw SIM attention to the request for rain. SIMs and SIM helpers will consider bringing the desired weather, to nearby areas, within a few hours or days. Experiments with these techniques can have high direct correlation between visual requests, and SIM-induced weather and other miracle activities.

Auxiliary Methods Of Contact

There are people who experience contacts with SIMs in remote areas, outside cities and at night. They use telepathy and flashlights, pointed up at the clear and dark night-sky, to show positions to SIMs, who then descend to visit. Use of hypnosis, to mentally inform SIMs of intended locations, before going to the country, is reportedly successful. The people imagine their lips and mouths, giving shape to words, in mental-visualization-realms, under hypnosis. This lets SIMs know of intentions, times and areas for contact.

Disorientation And Amnesia

The "Medusa" effect, of amnesia and retardation, is frequently experienced in SIM and space people contacts and appearances. It is probably caused by nearly-physical energies that effect physical-psychic auras, in UFO and other encounters. A person can be confused and distracted in SIM contacts. It may be difficult to follow time schedules or circular-thought patterns. When SIMs forcefully impress their will, it can also cause uncomfortable sensations of disorientation and loss of individual intentions.

Sim Activities Internal To The Skull

Creatures in other dimensions can seem to be the size of small insects compared to sizes of people. Yet because they live as extremely advanced intelligent beings, their proficiencies in memory-related skills, to change the brain for instance, can be evident and effective. People seen this way might appear to be like dinosaurs.

After a series of contacts, Sims may interface some of their helpers to brain-consciousness. A person subjected to this is probably already well-acquainted with SIM and SIM-helper abilities, to enter the skull and modify brain areas. Voices and visions in the skull, and caused by other creatures, can be real. A SIM helper, interfaced with the brain, can resemble a bee, hornet or other markedly intelligent life- form. They can alter the brain or interpret telepathic languages for SIMs. Exposures to these hornet or bee-type creatures, often retards the brain : Powerful telepathic radiations from them can cause the brain's functional structures to collapse, in over-stressed "muscle-failure" and some amnesia follows.

Sources Of Advanced Guardianship

People domesticate animals for benefits of having companionship, clothes, protection, transportation, food, and additional help with plants and other animals. Mankind can give other creatures protection, guidance, increased fertility and liveliness, medical aid and other basic assets for increasingly healthy and happy lives. In same ways do SIMs relate to the people-variety of creatures : If mankind-type creatures come to know and pleasantly associate with SIMs, so also can their lives improve, and provide sustenance and extensions for SIMs. Definite protection from danger, and other even-greater benefits, are acquired by people who become SIM friends and servants of SIM projects.

Psychic Psychopaths

There are some creatures who use psychic abilities to inflict pain on others. Participation in nefarious activities by unhealthy-minded psychic creatures is to be avoided : It can lead to serious misfortune. People who help SIMs are often given advanced PK talents and PK energies, for protective purposes, as well as inspirational healthy-life purposes. SIMs and SIM helpers probably restrict unhealthy use of psychic tools and energies. Also, advanced Sims naturally keep a close and watchful eye on small numbers of creatures who abuse advanced talents.

SIM Reflective Shields

SIMs can be emotionally and mentally sensitive. A definite danger to those who annoy SIMs, is SIM-use of mental reflective shields : Unhealthy actions directed at SIMs can be reflected back at offenders.


Any interface, between the minds and mindful activities of SIMs and humans requires adaptations in the human mind. SIMs have awareness advanced far-beyond human levels. SIM gifts, like miracle-talents or exciting-electric-PK-energies, can be more valuable than large sums of money. Attainment of any interface with SIMs should add great rewards to a person's life!

Intelligent information and techniques, such as these, can be used to contact Space Intelligence Masters, perhaps the most highly-evolved creatures to ever visit Earth.

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